06 November 2015

If you're wondering

where we've been, Brant's off on other projects

After a few years of hoping that GrogNews would become a bigger deal than it did, it was pretty clear that folks were already set enough in their regular reading/browsing/commenting patterns that we just weren't able to offer enough to change their habits to make us a more regular part of their day.
That's really OK with us.  We tried.  Some of it worked; some of it didn't.  Some of the lessons have been used to improve other sites.  Some of them acted as cautionary tales of what not to do, too.

It's been fun, and we appreciate y'all joining us.  We're going to leave the site here for the archives, but don't expect a lot of new content (as you probably guessed).

In the meantime, feel free to join us over at Armchair Dragoons, and check out the forums where a lot of news and articles get posted, shared, and discussed.


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