27 August 2010

If the Japanese Had a Marine Corps, What Might It Look Like?

Seems weird, huh? The Japanese don't have a Marine Corps, but they have the ships to support one. If they were going to start up a Marine Corps, what would it look like? Some thoughts from the Japan Security Watch:

1. The SDF could emulate the United States and make the Japanese Marine Corps part of the MSDF. Although U.S. Navy – U.S. Marine Corps relationship has its moments, it generally works.

2. The creation of a JMC unit in the MSDF would be an excellent opportunity to shift resources away from the Ground Self Defense Forces. At 147,000 personnel, the GSDF is more than three times larger than the MSDF, and yet plays virtually no role in defending the outer perimeter of Japan. Trim the GSDF by two infantry divisions (14,700 personnel) and add one reinforced marine brigade. The money saved from shedding 8,000 troops could go to training and new equipment.

3. Like the U.S. Marine Corps, the basic tactical unit would be the battalion. The JMC would mimic the USMC in table of organization and equipment, forming large squads and platoons designed to take casualties and remain combat effective. When the USMC proves the viability of the Company Landing Team, the JMC could follow.

4. The JMC could be an all-arms organization with organic infantry, armor, anti-tank, engineer, UAV, and rotary wing aviation units. The USMC MAGTF would be the model. Unlike the U.S. Marines, the JMC would likely not have fixed-wing aircraft and thus could rely on organic helicopter gunships and armed UAVs for air support.

5. The JMC could train extensively with the U.S. Marine Corps in amphibious operations. USMC troops in Japan could mentor JMC units. (The two countries already regularly practice company-sized landings in San Diego.)

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