17 October 2012

GameTalk - UAVs

Can you make a commercially successful game out of being a UAV pilot? How would you do it?

By: Brant


Jack Nastyface said...

I am not certain about a boardgame (admittedly much of the engagement in the DVG "leader" games is managing the pilots) but a UAV flight-sim for the computer seems like a real no-brainer (n.b. I am unaware of any dedicated UAV games available, at this time, though I am sure some "mods" exist).

As to whether it would be "commercially successful" is a whole other ballgame. Although the flightsim market has seen an excellent resurgance in the past couple of years (DCS and Rise of Flight, to name two titles) it still appears to be a difficult genre (from a profit point of view).

Yours in gaming,

Jack Nastyface

Brian said...

Hm. Seems to me the game would consist of you, sitting quietly at your computer, playing a game in which you are controlling the actions of a person who is sitting quietly at his computer, controlling a UAV.

When the image of the pilot taps the last key and blows something up on his screen, I guess you win, in a weird post-modern way.

Could there be an additional module where I could play that I'm controlling a person playing a game about a person controlling a UAV?


Jack Nastyface said...

ROFL! Extra points for the post-modern reference.

I humbly bow to the greater wit.

Jack Nastyface

(P.S. I really needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks. And see you at BottosCon?)

Dom S said...

Arent all pc flight sims essentially uav sims already? You sit at your computer piloting an aircraft...

Brian said...

Thanks Jack!
Sometimes I think Brant asks these questions just to provoke weird answers from me. Of course, I oblige him.

You're coming to BottosCon? I didn't know you were in my corner of the world. What's your real name? (or, if you don't want to unmask yourself here, at least introduce yourself at the con!)

Jack Nastyface said...

Should be at BottosCon maybe Friday PM, for sure Sat morn and afternoon.

Check the yahoo groups for my "first time attendee" self-intro. Real name is Byron.