11 March 2013

Women in Combat - Research in Action

Small Wars Journal has an interesting research article on women in combat with insurgent groups that looks at statistics involving women on the front lines.

The abstract...
While the decision to lift the combat exclusion and allow women in combat roles in the U.S. military has provoked considerable debate, women are already present and active in armed rebel groups around the world. Using data collected on 72 rebel groups active in the post-Cold War era, I show that women are acting as combatants in approximately one-third of present-day armed insurgencies. Using examples from selected cases, I discuss what lessons the U.S. armed forces might draw from the experience of women combatants in rebel groups, including the organizational pressures that may result from combat exclusion, the impacts of female advancement on organizations, and the potential strategic benefits of female combatants.

Go read the rest - it's pretty interesting.

By: Brant

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