17 July 2013

Cuba-Nork Smuggling Op Busted in Panama?

Maybe they were just going in for repair. If so, why hide obsolete SAMs and jet engines in a hold full of brown sugar?

Military equipment found by Panamanian authorities on a North Korean boat consisted of "240 metric tons of obsolete defensive weapons" sent to North Korea for repair, Cuba's Foreign Ministry said.
The equipment, hidden beneath packages of brown sugar on the boat, was manufactured in the mid-20th century and included two anti-aircraft missile complexes, nine missiles in parts and spares, two MiG-21 jets and 15 motors for this type of airplane, the foreign ministry said.
"The agreements subscribed by Cuba in this field are supported by the need to maintain our defensive capacity in order to preserve national sovereignty," the statement said. "The Republic of Cuba reiterates its firm and unwavering commitment with peace, disarmament, including nuclear disarmament, and respect for international law."
The Cuban government's revelation, which was also read on state television, is the latest chapter in an international drama that has all the elements of a thriller: a violent confrontation on a detained North Korean ship, a suspected missile onboard, a heart attack and an attempted suicide.
Panamanian authorities on Tuesday were examining the military equipment, discovered late Monday during an anti-drug inspection.
Because it is pursuing nuclear weapons, North Korea is banned by the United Nations from importing and exporting most weapons.

By: Brant

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