13 August 2013

Sound Off! WWII Movies

Better flick...

A Bridge Too Far?

The Longest Day?

and why do you prefer it?

Sound off below!

By: Brant


Brian said...

A Bridge Too Far.
Better music, better stars (IIRC Sean Connery was the only one to be in both films! He got promoted from Private to Lieutenant General in either three months or 15 years, not bad either way.), more memorable scenes, more and more realistic screwups, and the end of the movie was the end of the campaign.

Brian said...

Correction: I checked and actually there were two actors who played in both films. German actor Wolfgang Preiss plays Major General Max Pemsel, Chief of Staff of the German Seventh Army in the Longest Day, and in A Bridge Too Far he plays Field Marshal Von Rundstedt. Thank you IMDB!

Anonymous said...

Longest Day. Perhaps not as realistic, but in my mind much more memorable. John Wayne and Henry Fonda in their craggy primes.