04 September 2013

GameTalk - Who Wasn't Even There

If a unit wasn't present at a battle, but was in range and might have participated in different circumstances, do they go in the game?

By: Brant


Jack Nastyface said...

sigh...only if you have enough room on your counter sheet to include those units.

Good what-if scenarios often require extra units, so including them simply expands the possibility realm of the game. What if Custer had gatling guns? What if Task Force Ranger had Bradleys? What if there were 3000 Spartans instead of 300?

Isn't this why we game?

Jack Nastyface

Brian said...

Sure, I do this all the time - if there's room for it, and it's plausible it might have been there, then put it in.
Surprisingly difficult is making up a halfway-plausible OOB for an entire battle or campaign that never happened. I did a game on the Allied invasions in the Med that weren't, and used a mix of real and deception divisions - formations that the Germans believed were there, but never actually existed.