03 December 2013

Anniversary: Battle of Tora Bora

Today marks the start of the Battle of Tora Bora.

On December 3, a group of 20 U.S. commandos was inserted by helicopter to support the operation. On December 5, Afghan militia wrested control of the low ground below the mountain caves from al-Qaeda fighters and set up tank positions to blast enemy forces. The al-Qaeda fighters withdrew with mortars, rocket launchers, and assault rifles to higher fortified positions and dug in for the battle

What's the closest historical example you think of to the Battle of Tora Bora? You thoughts below in the comments!

By: Brant

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Jack Nastyface said...

Hmm...completely surrounded by an overwhelming force; terrible loss inflicted upon the beseiged; ultimate escape to safety to fight another day...

My vote for similar conditions would be the evacuation of Dunkirk (or Dunkerque if you like your french French).

I suppose Rorke's Drift might compare, but I simply cannot make the analogy as counterpart to the Taliban would be the Thin Red Line.

What about the story of 2 Para at Arnhem?