29 January 2014

US Troops Serving in the Australia Military?

The Australians have opened their ranks to certain US troops facing separation as US forces draw down.

U.S. servicemembers looking at career options in this era of shrinking military budgets and force drawdowns might want to take a look Down Under.

The Australian government is recruiting experienced U.S. enlisted personnel and officers to fill a range of positions — from submariners to doctors — in its military, according to a posting on the Australian Defence Force website.

“The Australian Defence Force looks to overseas candidates to fill gaps in our Services, which can’t currently be satisfied by standard recruitment,” reads the intro for overseas applicants on the Defence Force’s recruitment website. “We recognise that these candidates can bring skills and attributes to the Navy, Army and Air Force that will strengthen their overall operation and success rate.”

The job offers could be tempting for U.S. troops as the Afghan War winds down and the Department of Defense looks to trim billions of dollars and more than 100,000 uniformed personnel from its books.

What do you think? Could serve as a soldier in another nation's military? What countries would you be willing to fight for, if not your own?

By: Brant


Mad Padre said...

This doesn't surprise me. I've known several Canadian colleagues who have gone to the ADF - all chaplains, curiously enough.
I spent the last three years working closely with the British Army - I would consider working with them, very professional, though the cultural differences are noticeable. I'd consider the Kiwis as well.

Brian said...

When I was in the Canadian Army, it was common for infantry CPTs whose careers had stalled (because there were only six Anglophone infantry battalions, prospects of making it past MAJ and then LCOL were slim) to serve their time then go join the US Marine Corps, where they were all but guaranteed command of a rifle company, a majority, and a career that went places. The Marines were happy to take them.

Brian said...

Personally though, I would not be eager to serve in any other country's army than my own.

"Service guarantees citizenship!"
(god what an awful movie that was)