27 February 2014

Russian "Exercises" Drawing Attention

"Exercises" eh? Suuuuuure... thankfully, the West is watching.

Britain will pay attention to Russian military activities and opposes outside interference in Ukraine, the British defense secretary said on Wednesday after Moscow ordered an urgent drill to test its armed forces across western Russia.

"We will certainly, obviously, want to take proper cognizance of any activities by Russian forces," Philip Hammond told reporters when asked about President Vladimir Putin's order.

"We would urge all parties to allow the Ukrainian people to settle their internal differences and then to determine their own future without external interference," he said, speaking before a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers which will discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Putin earlier ordered an urgent drill to test the combat readiness of the armed forces across western Russia, flexing Moscow's military muscle amid tension with the West over Ukraine, Interfax news agency reported.

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