28 April 2014

Here comes another 118% vote

In other comedy news, Syria's Bashar Assad to "run" for a third term as despot for life president.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared on Monday he will run for re-election in a vote on June 3 which is widely expected to secure him a third term in office despite a three-year civil war stemming from protests against his rule.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Laham made the announcement during a televised session of Syria's parliament.

Assad's Western and Arab foes have condemned the election as a parody of democracy, saying no credible poll can be held in a country where 6 million people have been displaced, 2.5 million have fled as refugees and hundreds are killed daily.

I wonder what the opposition TV ads are going to look like? Who is actually running against him?

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Brian said...

This stuff just writes itself, doesn't it....