30 May 2014

Friday Thinking

WarCouncil.org has an intriguing article titled Ten Questions West Point Does Not Ask Cadets - But Should. Here's the thing - cadets don't know enough to know what they don't know. You need to be asking these of the cadets, but more importantly, you need to be asking these questions at the Captain's Career Course, where the answers can actually be used by the answerers...

  1. What is the difference between a terrorist and an insurgent?
  2. How do unmanned systems impact modern battlefields?
  3. Where are the human cognitive, psychological, physical limits with respect to combat?
  4. How does information (Big Data and You Tube) affect the conduct of war?
  5. How should we measure tactical effectiveness in counterinsurgency operations?
  6. How does seapower and airpower contribute to landpower?
  7. In what ways does strategic culture influence military operations?
  8. How does logistics impact military operations in expeditionary campaigns?
  9. What is the proper role for civilians in military operations?
  10. What does "victory" look like in modern war?

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