12 December 2008

Japan shifts focus closer to the East

Japan has pulled their forces from Iraq:
The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force held an end of mission ceremony at Al Faw Palace Dec. 6 to commemorate the conclusion of their operations in Iraq with Coalition forces.
Japan showed its support to the mission with a military force of more than 600 soldiers supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The JGSDF was stationed in the southern city of Samawah. The JGSDF units supplied water, rebuilt infrastructures to include schools and roads, provided medical services, and transported humanitarian aid materials for Iraqis in Samawah.

But extended their naval mission supporting efforts in Afghanista:
Japanese lawmakers have extended a naval refueling mission that supports a U.S.-led anti-terrorism effort in the Indian Ocean.
Friday's vote in the lower house of parliament extends the mission in the Indian Ocean until January 2010. The Japanese naval forces refuel foreign vessels participating in U.S. operations in Afghanistan.

By: Brant

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