26 February 2010

Army Drops RFP for new Ground Combat Vehicles

There's apparently much tiffage between the Army and the DoD about what the specs oughta be.

Pentagon officials have raised questions about the U.S. Army's plan for a new ground combat vehicle, delaying release of final terms for a competition that could be worth tens of billions of dollars, several sources briefed on the issue said on Wednesday.

During a high-level meeting last Friday, officials expressed concern about the weight of the proposed vehicle, which had grown to around 70 tons, more than three times the level initially planned.

Officials also underscored the Pentagon's desire to ensure a real competition for the new vehicle, which analysts said was likely to be dominated by General Dynamics Corp (GD.N) and BAE Systems (BAES.L).

One source, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said the Pentagon's chief weapons buyer declined to sign a decision approving the Army's development plan at the meeting, due to a "little disagreement" over the Army's contracting strategy.

You can read the solicitation for yourself at the TACOM Contracting website.

By: Brant

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