28 December 2010

GrogNews Headline-a-palooza

Yep, it's been a few days, so we're going to try to catch you up with headlines from the last few days.

Ivory Coast (Wikipedia details here)
There are fears of a military intervention as a general strike is called to try and pressure Gbagbo into stepping down after the recent election. A delegation of West African leaders is headed to confront Gbagbo.

"Anarchists" have claimed responsibility for the bombs in Rome, including a package bomb found at the Greek embassy.

A pair of suicide bombers recently struck Ramadi. And one Iraqi took matters into his own hands, and killed his own daughter after she was recruited by al Qaeda as a suicide bomber.

Iran has hanged a man convicted of spying for the Mossad.

Analysts expect an increase in Nork provocations in 2011, including - possibly - another nuclear test.

More US drone strikes, as missiles kill 18. There are now widespread fears of hunger following the bombing of a World Food Program office.

India has issued a nationwide terror alert as police search Mumbai for 4 in alleged terror plot.

Snooty upper-crust Ivy league schools are "reconsidering" ROTC after the repeal of DADT. But let's not forget that their objections had less to do with taking DoD money than with opposing the military.

NATO has captured an Iranian "arms smuggler" in Afghanistan.

Assange is dismissing threats of extradition to the US.

Haiti has decided they need to lynch voodoo priests over the cholera outbreak. I wonder what they'll do when that doesn't fix the problem.

Four Turkish construction workers were kidnapped in Afghanistan.

By: Brant

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