14 June 2011

Anniversary: Falkland Islands Victory

29 years ago today, the Argentine voices on the Falklands surrendered, essentially ending the Falklands War. The anniversary is likely to commemorated with a variety of muted celebrations in England. In Argentina, probably not so much. Read Wikipedia's account here, which actually isn't too bad. Meanwhile, the Admiral who commanded the naval forces in that war, Admiral Sandy Woodward, says that there's no way the UK could accomplish the same thing today.

Want to game it?
Play Lock'n'Load's RIng of HIlls at the tactical level, or Where There is Discord at the operational level.

And Tim Spicer's autobiography includes some compelling chapters about his time in the Scots Guards fighting in the Falklands, where he was a battalion operations officer.

By: Brant


Silent Hunter said...

Saw Woodward's article (he also wrote an account of the war itself, One Hundred Days), but he fails to point out the Argentine military is now even worse off; it would have difficulty conducting an invasion. Also, there's no political appetite for that.

Anonymous said...

What, no love for Falklands Showdown? It just came out!