25 June 2011

Anniversary: North Korea Invades South Korea

Today marks the anniversary of the start of the Korean War, arguably still the most successful UN operation in their history (and what does it say that it came about 5 years into the UN's 60+ year history).

It's a war that's never officially stopped, even though it's been kinda-sorta over for 55 years now. Of course, with the heavily-armed DMZ, and the Norks being bat-shit crazy, it's a favorite among wargame designers to build some hypotheticals around.

Here's a quick-list of the gaming goodness that exists for the actual war as fought in the '50s.

Korea: The Forgotten War
The Korean War
The Forgotten War: Korea
Korea: The Mobile War 1950-51
Hell Over Korea, 1950
The Korean War
Inchon, Turning The Tide of Korea
Yalu (2nd edition) (reimplements Yalu)

You want something really entertaining? Here's a clip of a dramatic radio broadcast being interrupted with the news that the North has declared war, from the day it happened.

By: Brant

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