03 March 2014

Ukraine: 3/3 a dangerous precedent

This should scare the crap out of everyone. (our emphasis)

Ukraine said Russia was building up armoured vehicles on its side of a narrow stretch of water closest to Crimea after Putin declared at the weekend he had the right to invade his neighbor to protect Russian interests and citizens.

How long before Mexico declares a right to invade southern Texas to "protect" the "oppressed" illegal immigrants there not being cared for my the Americans?
When do Pakistan and India go at it over Kashmir again, using this pretext?
How does this affect the Kurds?
What about the Alsace?

Interesting that Ukraine - hardly the least stable of the former SSRs when you've got Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan out there - is the one that Putin chooses to invade to "protect Russian interests and citizens". Clearly he's after something else at this point...

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