30 November 2009

IDF still dealing with rockets from Gaza

Despite having fought a war in Gaza over rocket attacks, the Gazanians (or whatever the hell they are) don't seem to get the hint. This weekend, the Israeli air force shot at a rocket crew that was preparing to launch another salvo across the border.

The Israeli military said the air force attacked a group of Palestinian militants in northern Gaza early Friday as they were about to fire rockets at Israel, a week after the Hamas rulers of Gaza announced that they had secured the agreement of other groups to halt rocket fire in order to prevent retaliatory attacks.

Palestinian medics said four militants had been wounded in the airstrike, but the Israeli military said one member of the squad, from a small Islamic extremist group influenced by Al Qaeda, had been. Such groups are rivals of Hamas, but the military said it held Hamas responsible for maintaining calm.

Israeli strikes against militants have been rare since the end of last winter’s Gaza war. There has been a steep decline in rocket fire since Israel’s military offensive ended last January, but the sporadic attacks have continued. Several mortar shells have been launched in the last week.

By: Brant

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