19 November 2009

This just in - US forces bending but not breaking, for the ?th straight year....

The CJCS is still banging a drum in support of the US force.

Top military officer Admiral Mike Mullen said on Tuesday that US forces were under strain from fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but were not at a "tipping point."


But Mullen told a gathering of top business executives that he stood by a previous comment that the military was not at a breaking point despite two protracted wars.
"I still even subsequent to that don't think we're near a tipping point but," he said at the event sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, adding, "I would not want to understate the seriousness of the stress issue for individuals and for families."

But we've been hearing this for several years now. We know the US military is extremely resilient, but how much longer can they maintain this without the rest of the country investing more than yellow ribbons and "any soldier" Christmas cards?

By: Brant

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