22 March 2010

Google Running Afoul of the SAS?

Google might be in trouble for another military base on it's mapping website.

There has been much controversy about images of the S.A.S. base in Herefordshire being available on Google Earth’s Street View. Concerns about security have sparked the row, as images clearly showing the headquarters main gates, and access roads were displayed online.

On the Google Earth programme the base is clearly marked “British S.A.S.”, and people can also access detailed aerial views of the camp. A Google spokesman said that all Street View’s images were taken from public roads and Street View was available in 20 countries and had not had any breaches of security.

There had been speculation that the Ministry of Defence in the UK may ask Google to remove the images. However we now hear that the Ministry have said it would be “impractical” to have the images removed, as they could be accessed from other sources.

An MOD spokeswoman said, “The MOD cannot prevent satellites taking imagery of its establishments, however we ensure that steps are taken to protect highly sensitive equipment”. For more on this report go to the timesonline.co.uk. Do you think it’s odd that a base so known for its secrecy is shown on Street View, or is this just a sign of the times and no real threat to security?

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By: Brant

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