20 April 2010

Russians Joining Missile Defense Shield in Europe?

Wow. In what would be a real turn of events, has NATO invited Russia to be a part of the European missile defense shield? What does this do to the deals with Poland and the Czechs? What message does it send to the Baltics that we're playing nice with the Russians?

The move would see Nato and Russia sharing in the development and building of a defence against ballistic missiles launched from rogue nuclear states such as Iran.

It would mark the first time that the two sides had joined together in a defence project as Nato seeks to build bridges with its former foe.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato secretary-general, supports the plan, which he will put to leaders of the alliance at a summit in Tallinn, Estonia, later this week. Washington has already been in direct talks with Moscow over the idea.

Last week, James Appathurai, a Nato spokesman, said: "The Secretary General believes the Russians should be included in a system that covers Europe."

“Instead of focusing on treaties or conferences we should have a real European security architecture - one roof that includes the Russians, that is built with the Russians, that is maintained with the Russians.

By: Brant

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