31 July 2010

Another Hamasian Parked in Martyrland by Israelis

It'll be interesting to see how the Palestinian apologists spin the dead-by-Israeli-rocket weapons manufacturer of Hamas. When Hamas admits you're a weapons manufacturer, you know you had a hand in some nefarious schemes.

A senior Hamas member was killed during Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, Hamas security forces said Saturday.
An airstrike in central Gaza killed Saed Al Bitran, who was responsible for manufacturing weapons, the Hamas forces said.
The Israel Defense Forces said the attack on a weapons-manufacturing site in central Gaza was part of a series of strikes starting late Friday in response to a rocket assault on Ashkelon earlier in the day.
The strikes also targeted two other locations in Gaza: a Hamas 'terror-activity site' in the north and a weapons-smuggling tunnel in Rafah, Israeli forces said.

By: Brant

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