29 July 2010

US Military Cargo Plane Crashes

Sad news today from Alaska.
A military cargo plane carrying four people on a training run has crashed at an Air Force base near downtown Anchorage, the Air Force said.

Witnesses reported seeing a ball of fire rising hundreds of feet (kilometres) high Wednesday night. Access to the crash site at Elmendorf Air Force Base has been closed.

The C-17, from the 3rd Wing based at Elmendorf, had been carrying four people onboard doing a training demonstration for an upcoming weekend air show, Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins said.

Atkins noted the plane was not an ejection aircraft and said no one was expected to have survived, but he added that he had no information on whether there were any fatalaties. “It's likely there are fatalities involved in this mishap,” Atkins said.

By: Shelldrake

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