19 October 2010

BUB: Morning Headlines

Hey, how can a morning go wrong when it starts with Anna Chapman? She's posing for the Russian edition of Maxim magazine

And click here for the one we won't show you on GrogNews.


More shooting in Pakistan, and this time at least 36 are dead in politically-motivated target killings.

Is the US launching a a "mystery space plane" on a secret mission? CNN thinks so....

And a former Xewater contractor is walking free today after the feds declined to indict him for the 2006 shooting of an Iraqi who was guarding one of the Iraqi VPs.

By: Brant

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Brant said...

wow... hard to believe there were no comments on Anna Chapman. Either you guys are displaying remarkable and mature restraint, or (more likely) you're all off googling for more pictures.