24 October 2010

Order Of Battle: Duke of Lancashire's Regiment

Excerpted from the official The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment Website

1st Battalion
The 1st Battalion (1 LANCS) is a Regular Army Infantry battalion (600 men and women) of the Regular Army, stationed with its families in Somme Barracks, Catterick.

2nd Battalion
The 2nd Battalion (2 LANCS) is also a Regular Army Infantry battalion, based with its families in Episkopi in Cyprus.

4th Battalion
The 4th Battalion (4 LANCS) is the Territorial Army Infantry unit in the North West of England. 4 LANCS is based in four company locations and four detachment locations, totalling over 500 men and women.

The Regimental Band
Made up of part-time Territorial Army musicians, the Regimental Band plays at prestigious military events throughout the north west of England and frequently elsewhere, including at overseas venues from time to time.

By: Brant

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