29 May 2013

China's First D-TEWT?

Or is it their first D-PENIS?

China will next month conduct its first "digital" technology military exercise, state media said on Wednesday, against growing concern in Washington and elsewhere about Chinese hacking attacks.
A brief report by the official Xinhua news agency said the exercise, in north China's remote Inner Mongolia region, will "test new types of combat forces including units using digital technology amid efforts to adjust to informationalized war".
"It will be the first time a People's Liberation Army exercise has focused on combat forces including digitalized units, special operations forces, army aviation and electronic counter forces," the brief English-language report added.

For the uninitiated:
TEWT - "Tactical Exercise Without Troops", the official US term for a type of exercise only involving the leadership moving around, rather than dragging all the soldiers out to the woods
PENIS - "Practical Exercise Not Involving Soldiers", the nickname used for a TEWT by many folks

By: Brant

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