18 May 2013

Norks Launch Short-Range Missiles

Apparently, the ocean pissed them off, and they fired three short-range missiles at it. The Beeb reports:

North Korea has fired three short-range missiles from its east coast, South Korea's defence ministry said.

Two missiles were fired on Saturday morning and one in the afternoon, the ministry said in a statement.

Officials at the ministry said they were "monitoring the situation and remain on alert".

The launches come at a time of stalemate between the two neighbours following weeks of high tension earlier this year.

Saturday's missiles were fired in a north-east direction, and did not pose the same threat as the intermediate-range missiles Pyongyang was believed to have deployed along its coastline last month.

It removed them from the launch site early in May, indicating a lowering of tension on the peninsula, a US official said.

By: Brant

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