22 May 2013

Karzai to Pakistan: F-Off, We're Hanging Wit' India, Yo

Karzai has apparently given India a military equipment 'wish list'

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Wednesday he had given a "wish list" of military equipment to India during a visit this week, presenting a conundrum for New Delhi as it weighs whether arming the Afghan army is in its interests.
India wants to stabilize Afghanistan and is concerned about the resurgence of militant groups after foreign combat troops leave in 2014.
But arming Afghanistan would alarm Pakistan. It takes issue with the influence of its old rival in Afghanistan. India does not want to get drawn into a proxy war with Pakistan, which has ties to the Taliban.
India and Afghanistan signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2011 under which New Delhi agreed to assist in the training and equipping of Afghan security forces.
India has trained Afghan security force personnel in its military academies, but it has provided little military equipment, according to Indian officials. India's Afghan strategy has centered on boosting its influence through economic reconstruction projects.

By: Brant


Brian said...

Card #48 in A Distant Plain, "Strategic Partners":
New Delhi help: Aid +6, Government Resources +6, Patronage +1

The "Great Game" continues!

Brant said...

OK, so now you're just showing off :P

Brian said...

[doffs hat, waves it around]