28 January 2010

Carrying a Handgun: Separate Facts from Fallacies

The March 2010 issue of SWAT Magazine has an excellent article on "Carrying a Handgun: Separate Facts from Fallacies" by Pat Rogers. Rogers a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer, a retired NYPD Sergeant, and is one of the most respected tactical trainers in the business through E.A.G. Tactical.

Some of the key points that Rogers makes are:

A gun is not the answer to every problem...

Carrying your favorite handgun is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a
gross shift in your attitude, demeanor, habits and choice of clothing...

If you carry a gun, you need to carry all of the time, and every place that
you legally can... (*)

The gun you carry is going to be a compromise...

Rogers also covers various types of holsters and guns for CCW, including the pros and cons of revolvers vs. pistols.

See my earlier post on "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" for a note on another excellent article in the same issue of SWAT Magazine.

By: Guardian

(*): Yes, Steve, you caught me being a "sheep" once. That was a (fairly rare) case of do like I say, not like I do :).

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