29 January 2010

Surge In Afghanistan? Send in the Trouble!

So apparently there's a lot of problems in the Arghandab River Valley. A Stryker Brigade goes in and ends up with high casualties and fired company commanders. They're replaced by part of the 82d and they end up with battalion commanders sent packing. All along there seems to be a disconnect between the guidance coming down from GEN McChrystal and the guys at the execution level. We're not going to try to connect all the dots and dig up all the stories for you. Instead, we're going to point you to a great wrap-up at Ink Spots: What the hell is going on in the Arghandab River Valley?

Go check it out and shake your head in disbelief. If you follow some of the links out of the article you can find some even crazier stuff.

By: Brant

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