27 January 2010

Next Gen Boardgaming?

Futurists somehow manage to convince people they should be paid to predict our future. I don't know how you manage to land that kind of a job but it always struck me as something I'd enjoy. I don't follow how accurate professional futurist are but sometimes peering into a crystal ball is easy.

In this case we need only point our browsers to a Cnet blog to find the latest in boardgaming technology: a merger of boardgames and computers which is aimed at creating an immesive, electronic environment with face to face interactions. No more shouting over the cubicle wall when you frag a buddy in some FPS. No more side-by-side husband and wife MMORPG teams. If this latest piece of tech pans out (and doesn't break the bank in the process) it looks to be a huge win.

Also of interest is dual-use capability. Pouring troops out of a ship onto a battlefield might seem appropriate for Settlers of Catan, and is tantalizing to imagine the possibilities of weaving historical, fantasy, or sci-fi minis into such a system. But the real winner may be the military, who might find the interactive, face-to-face network of real world widgets powered by electronic processing just what the doctor ordered for the next level of immersive training tools. Or maybe I should just keep my day job and not worry about becoming a futurist...

Check out the video:

By: GladiusMagnus


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw mention of this in the news yesterday as well.

Colour me an old-school, cardboard, BOGSAT kind of guy, but I can see this going places, somehow.

Steve said...

Wow, that was pretty fascinating! Good find.