05 October 2010

Danger Room Not Posting Comments Today?

So I've tried to submit this comment a few times as a response to this article about Blackwater over at Danger Room. It's by everyone's favorite wannabe attack dog Spencer Ackerman. Despite being told several times that it's a duplicate comment, it has yet to appear on the site. I wonder if somehow Danger Room is sitting on it b/c it's too similar to another comment already there, and they don't want Ackerman to look worse than he already does for monomaniacally banging a drum on an issue over and over and over. Anyway... here's what I tried to say:

OK, OK, we got it already. Spencer has a hard-on for Blackwater and thinks they're the anti-Christ. I'll be he would call them racists, too, if he could.
What is your end-state that you're after here, anyway?
Permanent dissolution of the company and it's subsidiaries? Ask people in Africa how that worked out after Executive Outcomes closed up shop.
Everyone who ever carried a Blackwater business card in jail? That's a pretty broad stroke to paint everyone with.
Are you after State for hiring them in the first place? If that's the case, then talk about how State's budget has been hammered to the point where they don't have sufficient resources to even oversee these contracts, much less try to fulfill the duties themselves with non-contractors.
But at this point, recapping every single instance of something Blackwater did wrong is just annoying and repetitive and gets me closer and closer to unsubscribing from the DR RSS feed. I don't need the same story, re-written 12 ways, to appear in my feed within 48 hours. It's just getting old.

By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, ackerman is getting annoying with the same thing over and over and over. We all know he is a democratic party muckraker and why WIRED let someone with such a partisan past write for them is a complete mystery