09 October 2010

French Protests

Yeah, it's not really news, but it's amusing what the French will protest.

French Internet users are taking a centuries-old tradition into the cyber age and erecting barricades against a new law aimed at clamping down on film and music piracy through illegal file sharing.

The law -- known as Hadopi -- is being touted as an example for other countries and the best way to protect artists' income but critics see the threat of having their Internet connection cut as a human rights infraction.

I know, I know... having your internet connection is as basic of a fundamental right as anything like life, or liberty, or rule of law, or freedom or religion... y'know, those trivial things that pale in comparison to, gasp!, access to the web!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Shame on you. Smug, witless bloggers need to learn the meaning and purpose of protest. I have pride that a people still ask for what they want/need. Someday you might participate in your own circumstance, instead of sucking from the tit of government. Until then, carry on. It doesn't look like many are reading anyway.

Hambone said...

I know, right?! I mean, c'mon - the French public just needs, needs free internet access, AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE, or else!

Ironic that you accuse a bunch of bloggers who admit they are in the private sector of "sucking from the tit of government" in your defense of a bunch of whiny Frenchies who are insisting on piling on new "right" to be provided by - get this! - the GOVERNMENT.

"sucking from the tit of government" indeed...

hypocrisy - if you can't beat 'em, ridicule 'em!