02 October 2010

Iran Claims Victory Against Terrorists

Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards are said to have recently conducted an anti-terrorist operation on Iraqi soil. This isn't the first time that Iran has conducted military operations across the Iraqi border.
An Iranian lawmaker said an operation that killed some 30 "terrorists" the Islamic state says were behind a deadly bomb attack, had taken place in neighboring Iraq, according to a news report on Friday.

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said on Sunday they had killed the "main elements" behind a September bombing in northwestern Iran, in an area near the Iran-Iraq border, that had killed 12 people and injured 80.

The blast took place during an annual military parade in the city of Mahabad. Iranian authorities blamed it on "anti-revolutionary" militants backed by the United States and Israel.

"The perpetrators of this assassination were killed on Iraqi soil and security forces are still perusing evidence to identify the architects of this act of terrorism," lawmaker Abdol Mohammad Baba Ahmadi Milani was quoted as saying by the website of Iran's English-language state-run Press TV.

The lawmaker did not give further details on the operation but said video of it would soon be released.
By: Shelldrake

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