01 October 2010

Lack of Control on Mexican Border Costs US Lives

The inability (or unwillingness) of the US Government to police its border with Mexico - and Mexico's inability to control crime within their own borders - has now directly resulted in the death of another American citizen. This is stupid people. It's not a Dem-Rep problem, as multiple administrations have completely failed in their duty to defend the US. Lock down the border now. This isn't a race/class/los illegalas issue. It's a public safety issue. American citizens are being killed because our government won't do its duty. Close it. Now.

An American tourist was shot in the back of the head in Mexican waters on Thursday after being ambushed by armed boaters, a Texas sheriff said. It happened on a lake where run-ins with pirates had already put fishermen and Texas officials on alert.
Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said a 30-year-old man and his wife were riding personal watercrafts back from Mexico when about six gunmen approached in two boats. Gonzalez said the man was shot as the couple sped away.
What happened to the man was unclear and the extent of his injuries was unknown. Gonzalez said the man's wife tried circling back to get him, but retreated back to U.S. waters after being fired upon again.

By: Brant

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