13 October 2010

Links: Your Recommendations

We're soliciting the readers here to start piling up some of their favorite links in the comments. We want your feedback on where you go for news, wargames, current events, cool videos, and great stuff online. Give us your tired, huddled links yearning to be free!

And if we get this comment thread running enough, I'll perma-link it to the left side.

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Actually, many of my links for wargaming, current military events, etc. come from the left side of your website already. (Though a few of them have not been updated in a while; I don't know if there is a way for you to check that easily.)

Matt Purvis said...


A project started by a buddy. I've contributed a couple of articles. He's working on a 3 part series about DADT right now.

bboyer66 said...
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bboyer66 said...

Since day one Pittsburgh Eats has had a link to Grog News, not because I thought it was a site about Rum,but because nothing goes better with food then discussion about the military. So if you could find it in your dark heart to link my blog I would be in your debt.
Pittsburgh Eats

14 October, 2010 04:19

Brant said...

Boyer - gotcha :)

Anonymous said...

Check out http://soldiersystems.net/

it's a pretty good blog about individual troops kit