08 October 2010

Texas State Gov't Getting Involved in Border Dispute

Gov Perry is getting directly involved with the efforts to recover the slain US citizen's body from the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

The search for an American tourist reportedly shot dead on a border lake has led Texas Gov. Rick Perry to tangle with the Mexican government over the investigation and efforts to recover the body.

Perry said Wednesday that Mexico needs to use every resource available to find the body and have it returned to U.S. soil. He has asked Mexican President Felipe Calderon to call him, but no phone call had been scheduled Wednesday evening.

Tiffany Hartley says her husband, David, was shot by Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake last week as they were returning to the United States on Jet Skis. Falcon Lake is a dammed section of the Rio Grande that has been plagued by pirates who rob boaters and fisherman who wander into Mexican waters. Hartley's death would be the first killing on the lake.

The Mexican Foreign Relations Ministry responded Wednesday with a statement that noted Mexico's "condemnation of any act that endangers the lives of innocent citizens," saying that the country "is committed to the investigation of those acts."

The statement said Mexico has "from the first moment" been in contact with the U.S. to coordinate the search and recovery of Hartley's body, and noted that Mexican authorities have "stepped up their actions with the support of specialized personnel, boats and helicopters."

So tell me why we have Mexicans killing Americans with impunity along the border? Hmmmmm....

Perry also said he spoke Tuesday to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's chief of staff and again asked for an additional 1,000 National Guard troops on the Texas-Mexico border, a request that has been repeatedly denied.

"How many more American citizens have to die?" Perry said.

Thank you for asking the right question, Governor.

By: Brant

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