13 January 2012

Anniversary: Operation Hooper

Part of the Battle of Cuito Canavale in Angola, Operation Hooper kicked off on this day back in '88.

Like much of the war in Angola in the '80s, it's tough to characterize.

Do you thank the SADF for turning back the tide of communism in southern Africa?
Or do you see it as another example of an oppressive apartheid regime suppressing a black liberation movement?
Given the chaos that ensued immediately after Zimbabwe's "liberation" can you blame the South Africans for their reactions to the happenings in Angola/Namibia? (This is even more understandable the further along you trace Zimbabwe's developments...)

Is it a victory for a Western-style maneuver-oriented military against a largely communist conscription force with Russian-based doctrine?
Or does it show the differences between a force that perceives itself to be fighting for the defense of 'their' homeland/continent against an invading force of outsiders/interlopers?

You thoughts and comments below...

By: Brant

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