23 January 2012

Dealing With Shit in Afghanistan


oh, and a follow-up

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Interesting how bodily functions and other social norms always prove to be a source for contempt between cultures.
Having travelled through some of asia and the sub-continent, I was disgusted by local ways: all India is an Indian's toliet; dog-punting was a national pasttime; loud and copious expectorations are a source of pride; hand-holding between men is normal. For their part, I think they barely tolerated things like using kleenex, carrying a roll of toilet paper, and wearing shorts (in India only..in Pakistan and the ME it was strictly "not done").

It is difficult to remember that the long-term goal is political stability. Social change will come when it comes. We in the west have better-than-average understanding of why public health (including waste management, birth control, immunizations, anti-smoking programs) are "good for society". Other countries still need to work on the "good government" part, first. Hell...it's illegal in Singapore to chew gum...does that make them better than us?

Jack Nastyface

PS: Brant - sent you an email..didja get it?

Brant said...

haven't seen anything... howdja send it?

Anonymous said...

via bayonetgames questions/comments page...