09 January 2012

Off-Topic: WotC Announces New Edition of D&D Coming

Look, we know there's a lot of other types of gaming out there, and RPGs aren't just things that insurgents shoot at people. We're not going to become a fantasy gaming blog, but we did want to take a minute and point people towards some good articles about the upcoming edition "revision" of the venerable Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

If you want to be a part of "Charting the Course for D&D", visit the Official Home Page at WotC.

The New York Times considered the news fit to print.
So did Forbes.

Critical hits has not one, but two good articles about it.

There's a nice long - and rambling, natch - thread over at ENWorld, the pseudo-sorta-unofficial RPG HQ online.

The Escapist magazine is always good source of gaming info, and I'm not just saying that because they know how to recognize true genius.

But hey, if CNN.com thinks it's important, who are we to argue?

By: Brant

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