31 January 2012

Sound Off! Comments On Sounding Off!

So we've got 52 of these-here "Sound Off!" thingees under our belt now.
What do y'all think? Do we keep "Sound Off!" going? Or is it time to punt it for something else new?

I like it! I love it! I want more of it!

It's old! It's tired! It's time to be retired!

Sound off below!

By: Brant


Brian said...


Brant said...

leave to a Canuck to answer and "either/or" question with "yes"

oy... :P

Brian said...

Well, I posted, didn't I?

If I thought you should punt it, I wouldn't have said anything...

Matt Purvis said...

I enjoy sounding off from time to time.

besilarius said...

Of course you should keep it.
Just because there are quite a lot of topics that don't make me have a response, doesn't mean they are bad and should be stopped.
I only comment when there is something that can be added.

EastwoodDC said...

Brian stole my comment.

Sound Off! is sort of a create-your-own-post kit on the given topic. It is asking a lot from the reader, but it also gives everyone a chance to participate.
Keep it.