04 October 2010

Israeli Settlers Attack Mosque; Response Highlights Differences Between Israel and "Palestine"

Given that it's not even officially a country - and never really was - it's tough to talk about "Palestinian" response, but compare the Israeli response to their citizens attacking a mosque in the West Bank to your typical Gaza/PLO/West Bank Palestinian response...

Palestinians accused Jewish settlers of setting fire to a mosque in the occupied West Bank on Monday, an incident that coincided with U.S. efforts to save peace talks stalled by a dispute over settlement building.
Fifteen Qurans and the mosque's carpet were burned, said Ali Thawabti, a municipal council official in the village of Beit Fajjar. It was the fourth time since December that a West Bank mosque had been vandalized in an attack blamed on settlers.
"When people saw the blaze, they rushed to extinguish the the fire," Thawabti said. "Settlers got into their white Peugeot and sped away."
The Israeli military, which has been in control of the West Bank since 1967, said it was investigating the alleged attack, which occurred near the town of Bethlehem.
"This is very serious incident which we view with utmost gravity and we intend to find those responsible as quickly as possible," military spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Liebowitz told Reuters.

Israel is going to find and prosecute the people who attacked a Muslim building. In the meantime, Palestinians find and celebrate their citizens when they attack Israeli people.

By: Brant

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