04 October 2010

UK In Action: Rolling Out!

Two Ridgback armoured vehicles (front) and a Panther armoured command vehicle (rear) at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shazad, Afghanistan. Lieutenant-Colonel RJ Boyd, Commanding Officer (CO) 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (Lions of England) had assumed control of the new Combined Force Head-Quarters in Shahzad. Forward Operating Base (FOB) SHAHZAD is the lynchpin in the creation of a new Battle Group Area of Operations (AO) in the North of Nadi-e Ali. Operating as a truly combined force, British soldiers will work alongside their Afghan counterparts and a dedicated Estonian Company. The 2nd Battalion, on their 5th overall deployment during their tenure as the Theatre Reserve Battalion (TRB) are based in Episkopi Garrison, Cyprus. They took over FOB SHAHZAD from Burma Company 1LANCS and will continue to provide security and stability as well as setting the conditions for 3 PARA to take over the AO later in the year.

Image: UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7

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