23 February 2011

How About We Bill You For Policing Costs

Really? Really?! The Baghdad city government wants the US to apologize for the damage done to their city by blast walls? Hey look, fucktards, if you didn't have a completely corrupt and sectarian police force that let suicide bombers run free for 4 years, maybe we wouldn't have needed the blast walls to keep your fucking police stations intact.

The Baghdad city government is demanding the United States pay $1 billion and apologize for damage to the city caused by blast walls erected during the nearly eight-year long war.

City officials filed a lawsuit in an Iraqi court against the U.S. military, a media official said Thursday. He did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the situation.

In an official statement posted late Wednesday on its website, the local government said U.S. forces had marred the "beautiful city."

Blast walls "put up at the pretext of security" damaged the sewage system and sidewalks, caused traffic jams and paralyzed business, the statement read.

City officials want an official apology and $1 billion to pay for the damage.

However, Kamil al-Zaidi, the head of the Baghdad provincial council said Iraqi security forces should also share responsibility for the miles of concrete barriers that crisscross the capital.

"The Iraqi security bodies, not only the Americans, bear part of the responsibility for putting up these walls," he said.

Al-Zaidi added that the concrete barriers have helped saved lives and protect government buildings during the waves of deadly bombings that have struck Iraq over the years.

By: Brant

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