03 February 2011

Joint Frigate Program Possible For Canada And UK

The Canadian Navy and Royal Navy both stand to benefit if discussions result in a joint program to develop the Type 26 frigate. Canada's Halifax-class frigates are currently being refitted and modernized but will eventually need to be replaced.
Britain is in talks with Canada about a possible joint program to develop a frigate for their respective navies, according to U.K. Defence Minister Gerald Howarth.

Responding to questions from parliamentarians Jan. 31, Howarth said the British government is in "close discussion with the Canadians" on a possible collaborative program to develop the Global Combat Ship, destined to replace Type 23 frigates in Royal Navy service by the start of the next decade.

The minister said Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Turkey have expressed interest in the warship program, to be called the Type 26 in Royal Navy service, when Defence Secretary Liam Fox recently visited the various countries.
By: Shelldrake

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