28 February 2011

Roundup of Rolling Stone Fallout

Following up on Michael Hastings latest attempt at scalping a general, there's a ton of commentary floating around the web.
The best one we've seen yet is over at Ink Spots. But as the story fully develops, it seems more and more that a disgruntled officer ran to a media-whore writer who'd been out of the spotlight for a little too long, and the writer over-reached for a sensationalist headline that just isn't true, even by stretching it.

So here's a roundup of what's out there to read about the article. Warning: if you're one of those that thinks Hastings is on to something, you're not going to like these links, because they deconstruct Hastings article and translate it into the truth that Hastings either (a) willfully ignores, or (b) intentionally obscures, or (c) isn't smart enough to understand.

Here's Ink Spots, talking about the "probably-legal-but-still-wildly-inappropriate influence operations"

Tom Ricks weighs in from his blog "The Best Defense" over at FP.com

Abu Muquwama says "Stay classy, Michael Hastings!"

Assoluta Tranquillita has a nice reference with their entry "On the cover of the Rolling Stone"

War On Terror News rounds up a handful of links, including several of the ones here.

The Washington Times says Rolling Stone is waging war on our troops.

The New York Times is a rare voice of reason here, too, as they do some basic journalism - y'know, confirming facts with more than one source, and providing some organizational context for the alleged 'illegal' assignments.

By: Brant

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