07 February 2011

Night of the Living Revenge of the Bastard Step-Child of FCS

Man, what a name-change can disguise. I'll be the headline "Early-Infantry Brigade Combat Team Program Decisions Announced" in no way informs you that this is what's left of the vaunted FCS program, eh?

The Department of the Army announced today that it decided to continue low-rate initial production of two elements of the Early-Infantry Brigade Combat Team (E-IBCT) program -- the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle and tactical network system. The E-IBCT investment of network technologies and software provide a foundation for growth of the Army’s tactical network.

The Army will no longer pursue the Unattended Ground Sensors and the Class 1 Unmanned Air System elements of the program. The Army will transition the procurement of small unmanned ground vehicles and tactical network systems to program executive offices with primary responsibility for these systems.

An E-IBCT acquisition decision memorandum, signed by the under secretary of defense (acquisition, technology and logistics) on Feb. 3, 2011, formalized this decision. The Army developed the E-IBCT program in an effort to accelerate fielding of key network and sensor capabilities. This decision allows the Army to pursue an acquisition approach enabling the continued development of the tactical network.

The Army remains committed to providing soldiers with the most effective equipment available. These standards require diligent and informed choices as systems are evaluated, tested and fielded in support of this goal. The decision to conclude the E-IBCT program and shift the remaining elements to other program offices carefully balances military utility, system performance, and affordability with the immediate needs of our warfighters.

By: Brant

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