15 February 2011

Oy Vey! Always Wit' Da Tankers, Again!

Yep, the Pentagon set a new deadline for the aerial refueling tanker contract. Again.

The U.S. Defense Department said on Monday it hopes in the next month or so to award a contract, worth roughly $35 billion, for 179 Air Force tanker aircraft, capping a saga that began almost a decade ago.
Chicago-based Boeing Co is vying for the deal against Europe's EADS, parent of Toulouse, France-based Airbus.
Last February, a senior U.S. military officer, outlining a rematch between the bidders at a Pentagon background briefing, cited a range of $25 billion to $50 billion for the deal's potential value.
"The contract is valued at approximately $35 billion," said a summary of the Defense Department's proposed 2012 budget as President Barack Obama sent his spending plan to Congress.
The department is seeking $900 million for new tankers in fiscal 2012, which starts October 1, and hopes "to make an award within a month or so," Robert Hale, the Pentagon's chief financial officer, told a briefing.

Boy, can't wait for more Boeing ads between traffic reports on WTOP in DC! If only they'd occasionally tell the truth in those ads, eh?

By: Brant

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