29 August 2012

A New Crop of Wargames... And Designers

Dr Sabin's students at King's College London have a new year's worth of designs posted over at his page.

An aspect of War Studies literature which has hitherto received little academic attention is the corpus of several thousand conflict simulation games published in recent decades. Further details of these simulation games may be found at www.grognard.com and at www.consimworld.com.

In September 2003, Professor Philip Sabin began teaching a radical new option course on conflict simulation within the Department's MA programmes. This forms part of his broader teaching and research focus on simulations, which is detailed further in this document and in his major new book on Simulating War

Students discuss the utility and ethics of conflict simulation, and attend classes on topics including understanding historical campaigns, modelling conflict and command dynamics, and writing simulation rules.

By: Brant

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